Safely in Daddy’s Arms, a Molesting Little story

Safely In Daddy’s Arms
by Daddy Vinnie 

The side of her face was pushed into the pillow. Her arms were extended beyond her head, tied with a necktie bound to the wrought iron headboard. Her head was turned to look back but she couldn’t see but a blur through the necktie covering her eyes. Her torso was flat on the bed. But she was kneeling with her butt up and her hips tilted down and back, exposing her swollen cunt. A length of rope bound her thighs together just above the knee. She still had on her black patent leather Mary Janes and white socks with the tops folded down and a ruffle with blue cornflowers on them, and a skimpy black bra. Her ankles were bound with another necktie. Her butt blazed red, with deep lines furrowed under her cheeks.

“No, Daddy. I didn’t, really Daddy. You’re the only one.”

He spanked her again with the belt.

“It’s too late, little girl, too many questions hang in the air. Eliminate the questions, and we wouldn’t be here.”

“Daddy, really. I didn’t. He kissed me. I didn’t kiss him, Daddy.”

His fury erupted with another swat with the belt on the backs of her upper thighs, leaving a fresh strap mark.

He leaned over her, his trousers pressing against her bare ass and grabbed the hair at the base of the back of her head. It was impossible to discern if she felt his hard cock pressed against her through the fabric of his trousers. He lifted her head strongly so the tendons were taut in her neck.

“And you didn’t kiss him back?” He didn’t wait for a response. “Kiddo, your lipstick is smeared. You’re the proverbial kid caught red handed in the candy jar. But the goods have been stolen, not bought and paid for.”

He pushed her head back into the pillow and she whimpered. He parted her lips and roughly shoved two fingers into her pussy, feeling no resistance as she was as slickery as a freshly sucked lollipop.

“And you’re telling me that this excitement you feel is due only to my wrath and belt?”

She moaned into the pillow and positioned her nose straight down, raising her ass to grind against his fingers. She murmured a muffled “Yes, Daddy. I’m a good girl. I’m YOUR good girl.”

“I waited up for you. Half an hour late. All you had to do was call.” He withdraw his fingers and slapped her pussy with a cupped hand, enough to make her squirm and push back for more. Her moans grew louder.

“Did you suck him in his car, little girl? Did he pinch your nipples and finger your pussy? Did you cum on his hand like a common whore?” He slashed at her ass with the belt three more times, punctuating each questions. On the last, she yelped and raised her head.

And then he leaned very close to her ear, his breath close enough to rustle her hair, not touching her at all, and said, “Or did you fuck him like you fuck Daddy?”

“PLEASE Daddy, believe me! He kissed me. I told you! I’m a good girl, YOUR good girl. HE held me and MADE me kiss his lolly. I didn’t like it. It was yukky. His candy’s not like yours.” Even under the blindfold he could tell by her voice that she was telling the truth, and that her eyes were downcast. But he knew better than to leave the violation go unpunished.

He removed the blindfold so he could look directly in her eyes. He placed the belt in her mouth and instructed her as usual. “Bite down, wait it out. Your punishment will fit the crime. Two sets of canings, six swats each.” He reached for the cane under her head. Fear erupted in her eyes, but she knew that objecting would triple the punishment. She lowered her eyes and said, “Yes, Sir….Daddy….”

The first six applications of the cane came rapidly in succession, right along the mid fleshy part of her butt, each strike slightly harder than the last. He watched. It was as if she convulsed. Her body stiffened and then shook and she let the endorphin rush pulse through her body. Once her thighs relaxed and her belly rested on the bed again, he applied the second set of six, laid neatly one strike below the next, starting where the first marks were already welting and ending with a single strong stroke between cheeks and upper thighs, the tender flesh swelling immediately. She bit down harder into the belt than she ever had before. Sweat broke out on her forehead, her eyes rolled back, and the animalistic sound was a deep throaty growl, a sustained moan that finally parted her lips. He placed the cane back in its place under the bed, within easy reach.

She dared to open her eyes and look at him. He gently took the belt from her mouth, untied her hands from the headboard, and maneuvered to lay next to her. He gathered her in his arms and stroked her hair. She was ravishing, with make-up still on from her date, the curls a bit dampened yet still with that sweet innocent look he adored. His little girl. She burrowed into his chest and lay there, catching her breath. Her hand went to her mouth and she sucked the tip of her thumb just a bit. Her refuge, her Daddy. His gently touch always reassured her, calmed her.

As her breathing resume a normal pace and he felt as if she might be falling asleep, he extracted herself from beneath her, not wanting to make her stir. But she did. “Where are you going Daddy?” she said sleepily.

“Nowhere baby. Daddy loves you so much, he wants to show you.” He placed a firm hand on her back and turned her so she was belly down on the bed, Thighs, ankles still bound, he adeptly slid his trousers down and mounted her, guiding his arching cock into her wet pussy. Slowly, gently, he fucked her, his whispers of soothing calm finding her ears as her panting and lust increased. “Don’t move baby. Daddy’s almost done. That’s right, you’re Daddy’s little girl. Daddy’ll keep you safe.”

She purred into the pillow, moaning, lifting her hips a little. “Thank you Daddy. I love you Daddy. I really love your cock, Daddy. It’s better than his. You’re the best Daddy.”

Lulled by his own lust and building climax, her words struck him a fraction of an instant too late, the betrayal complete. As she raised her hips higher to meet his increasing thrusts, he stopped, stock still. He withdrew his cock.

She looked back and saw his look. She screamed “No Daddy!” just as the first hand came down to smack her sore bottom. He spanked her again, and again, holding one hand near the top of her back and spanking her with the other.

“You did fuck him!” The fury in his voice rose as the spanking grew harder, and harder. “The punishment must fit the crime, little girl. You know that.”

“No Daddy! No Daddy! Please Daddy no! I was always thinking about you Daddy. You’re everything to me. Please, please!”

“It’s too late, little girl. He reached out and pinned her wrists down, mounting her. She writhed to get away but he was too strong and she was still partially bound. He guided the head of his cock, still slick with her pussy juices to that little tight opening and pressed just a bit. Her writhing stopped completely”

“Daddy?” It was a question. “NO! That’s off limits Daddy. No Daddy No! I didn’t… Yes, okay…I fucked him, but he didn’t cum in me. It wasn’t very good. It wasn’t like … you… Daddy!” Her voice broke, near tears.

He pushed a bit further, feeling the little bud give way and then slide his cock all the way in her ass. Her gasp echoed off the walls, those walls that had heard so much. He stayed still inside her for about 5 seconds, swelling. And then the frenzy hit and he fucked her ass hard. She moaned, a guttural sound deep within her throat, husky, as the musky perfume of her sopping pussy filled the room. She struggled to release her hands, to touch herself, but he held her wrists firmly. He thrust deeper and deeper, lust building in the rhythmic fucking, his balls slapping her ass.

Then he had done it, like he had never done before. A deed that cannot be undone. Perhaps the last. He leaned over and bit the fleshy part of her shoulder and she muffled a scream as he came deep within her ass, feeling the hot streams of cum pulse out. She had stopped moving. He released her hands, softened the bite on her shoulder, already discolored. He withdrew from her ass as the jism seeped and spilled onto the sheets.

He flopped over onto the bed and motioned with his arm. She whimpered and cooed and nestled into him, a hand on his chest, a hand lovingly stroking his ear, her own head nuzzling his chest and shoulder. She knew better than to say a word.

“Daddy’s little girl,” with subtle but palpable emphasis on “Daddy’s.”

“Yes, Daddy. I love you, Daddy.”

Something hung in the air. She waited. They both did.


“Yes, sugarpop?”

“What if I had used my safe word? Would you have stopped?”

He looked directly at her, his handsome eyes with a glint of wistfulness in them for what he had taken, a soft smile playing around his lips. He stroked the hair from her face and lifted her chin so his eyes could meet hers.

“I love you, Kiddo. You’re always safe with Daddy. You know that…..” She knew he wasn’t done speaking.

“But I don’t know, baby. I don’t know.”

Wrapped in Daddy’s arms, safe, warm, she purred herself to the edge of sleep as her thumb found her mouth and she gently sucked.