perfectly-controlled-deactivate said: Hi there. ^-^ I'm in a dom/sub, daddy/little girl, master/submissive relationship, and I need to find a way to explain why I call my man, "daddy." I'm trying to think of a way to explain it, but I can't! >,< Help..? *Grins sweetly.*

Dear perfectly-controlled,

What a good question, but I think only you can answer that.  Why do you call him “Daddy?”  Does he treat you in a Daddy like fashion? Is he older, more mature, distinguished? Does he wear suits? Do you have an age gap relationship?  Is he nurturing and kind, and also perverted?

There is a whole history to the term “Daddy” and how it’s used in relationships between lovers.  Is it that kind of Daddy you call him? 

Is it the taboo of the possibility of incest, that your Daddy gives you spankings and has you sit on his lap, and he touches you just a little too close to your privates than is appropriate?  Does he take those risks because you are his special little girl and he will protect you?

I figure your Dom, Daddy, Master is a man and has a penis, so calling him “Daddy” is more appropriate than calling him Mommy. *wink*

Please write back and tell all of us why you call him “Daddy.” I’m sure you can shed some light on this for me. 

Write me in my inbox anytime. Thanks for following along.

- Daddy Vinnie