Anonymous said: Is there a difference betwenn DD/lg and DD/bg, or are they just different things to call the sub? In your answer to the vocab anon they were separated. Thanks for the answer!

Dear Acronym Anon,

The only difference between DD/lg and DD/bg is the “little girl” vs “baby girl.”  For some, that’s a huge difference.  Many “baby girls” are younger “littles.”  As such, they are either non or pre-sexual and don’t engage in sexual behavior at all. They’re too young, ranging in the 1-5 age range or so.

While “littles” can also be young, they tend to be a little bit older, somewhere in the 6-16 age range.  A “Lolita” is a special kind of little in that she’s probably pre-pubescent to mid-teens.

"Littles" - even younger ones (8, 9, 10 etc) can have a curiosity about sexual matters. And "Lolitas" definitely like and are interested in sex, though they may be inexperienced.

So there are qualitative differences between “little girls” and “baby girls.”

Thanks for the excellent question!  And thanks for following along. Submit to me in my inbox anytime at all.

- Daddy Vinnie